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Our portfolio of managed IT services and solutions free companies, and allow them to focus on their core business, by leveraging innovative technologies to increase efficiency whilst reducing costs.

Powerful solutions. Powerful results.

Our consultancy services give businesses the agility and flexibility to gain measurable business results, by freeing up resources, cutting costs and keeping clients ahead in their industry.

Secure by Design

Businesses can not innovate without being secure. Security is a core foundation to all of our work and it is by providing secure systems that businesses can take on any challenge the information technology era has to offer.

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Our Brands

Clements Innovations is made up of several brands, each serving our customers in a unique way – but all with a focus on nourishing innovation within companies.

Tech Blog & Insights

Our blog discusses the latest insights and developments within the technology industry. With a specific focus on corporate technologies, we help businesses gain a better understanding of technology, helping them stay ahead of the game.

The SysAdmin Supplier

A leading IT marketplace for IT professionals, providing hassle free IT procurement

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